March 31, 2020


Lew's BB-1 Speed Spool Review

Lew’s has long been a company based on the fundamentals of customer satisfaction. They aim to provide the highest standard of performance rods and reels on the market. Personally, I would have to say they meet and exceed this notion.

Their BB-1 Speed Spool is no different. It is a high performance reel and quite possibly one of the most valuable (not cost-based value) reels in my boat. I continue to depend on it for putting fish in the boat in tournaments and during weekend excursions. Below you will find why I think so highly of this baitcasting reel.

QualityLew's BB-1 Speed Spool Review

There is no question that the BB-1 feels awesome in an angler’s hands. It has a completely ergonomically designed frame and finish that makes holding it all day a breeze. The signature Lew’s paddle reel handles also make using this product a dream. There is no searching needed when you need to set the hook quickly and retrieve line.

The reel is made with a 10-bearing system with double shielded ball bearings and zero anti-reverse. For those not so spec-savvy, that translates into one of the highest quality reels on the market. It features a one-piece die-cast aluminum frame, quick release side plate, and 14 pound drag system. Through and through, the specifications speak for themselves.

Lew's BB-1 Speed Spool ReviewPerformance 

I have now had this reel for two full seasons and am using it its third season. With yearly cleanings and care, I have yet to come across any problems. The BB-1 continues to produce some of the longest casts I have made to date with minimal effort.

It is quite the versatile reel as well. I have used it for everything from cranking to worm fishing to finesse fishing tiny baits. The BB-1 doesn’t discriminate. I am using the left-handed 7.1:1 model and have been quite impressed with its casting ability and smooth drag system even in the harshest of conditions.

I also love the addition of the high-capacity spool. This enables the reel to be even more versatile. With the compliment of the large spool, anglers can now thread on large amounts of braid, fluorocarbon, or monofilament for every technique from frogging to deep cranking and topwater bomb-casting.

Overall, I have no complaints with the Lew’s BB-1 Speed Spool. It is one of the most solid reels in my boat and it will continue to be used often. It is fairly priced at $159.99 and is available at most outdoor retailers. Do yourself a favor and check out this reel. It just might be your new favorite.

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