March 31, 2020


Gambler Lures Shakey Shad

As you may or may not know, Gambler Lures is a Florida-based lure company that caters to bass fishermen. Most of their baits were designed for fishing Florida lakes such as Okeechobee, Toho, and Monroe. However, Gambler hasn’t forsaken the North Country angler. One of their newest baits has been designed with northern bass anglers in mind. Enter the Shakey Shad.

The Shakey Shad was designed with one task in mind: getting more bites. This stellar, little bait has all the attributes of a solid finesse bait. It was specifically designed for drop shotting. It just so happens this technique catches consistent quality and quantities of both largemouth and smallmouth; the perfect North Country bait.

Shape and Size

Gambler Lures Shakey Shad
The slit in the underbelly of the bait is one of its main fish-catching features.

First and foremost, the Shakey Shad has a perfect size and shape. The streamlined body enables the bait to be texas-rigged as well as nose-hooked on drop shots. At 4″ in length, it is the perfect morsel for even the most sluggish of bass. In addition, the ribbed body and thin tail section gives the bait a unique quivering motion while nose-hooked.

The design of the bait was intended not only for fish appeal, but also fishability. The thin profile allows the bait to slip through grass easily. When paired with a 2/0 VMC Wide Gap Spinshot hook, the combination is deadly for weedline bass. I prefer to fish the bait on this setup. However, Nick Retka of Bassin’ 360, exclusively fishes it a #2 VMC Spinshot Dropshot hook. He feels this gives him “an increased hooking and landing percentage”. Either way, it’s personal preference and the Shakey Shad doesn’t discriminate between the two options.

The bait features a well-placed slit in the underbelly. Firstly, this plays a major role in the baits ability to move in the water. It allows for more freedom of motion which sets this bait above the rest. Secondly, the slit is perfect for the VMC Wide Gap hook. It enables me to drive the thin-wire hook into fish more easily due to a reduced amount of plastic. When rigged upside down, it also enables me to hide the hook in the slit. This proves very beneficial when fishing weedlines and other heavy cover.

Appealing to the Senses

Aside from its seductive quivering, this Gambler creation lures fish in due to its other sense-appealing characteristics as well. No matter what kind of water you fish, one of the 14 offered colors is sure to suit your fancy. Our favorite largemouth colors were Green Pumpkin Watermelon Candy, Copperfield, and Ghost Shad. However, we found that smallmouth also loved Ghost Shad along with some of the more “loud” colors like Pinky and Purple Core.

Gambler Lures Shakey Shad
The Shakey Shad is deadly on smallmouth bass. Bassin’ 360’s Mark Hanowski and Nick Retka hoist a nice double, both of which were produced by the shad-shaped finesse bait.

We all know a fish’s sense of smell is incredible. That’s why Gambler created Gambler BITE scent technology. All of Gambler’s soft plastics come with BITE already blended with the plastic. The technology is internal which equates to a clean, dry, easy-to-rig bait. No additional scents are necessary which saves anglers from slimy, greasy, messy hands and boat compartments.

Due to its appealing nature and rather minuscule size, the bait is a year round killer. It will  undoubtedly be a player on the beds when fish are shallow. No bass will be able to stand the irresistible quivering on its nest. Once fish transition to deeper water, the bait is in its prime. Lengthen your drop shot leader and let the Shakey Shad work its magic. Again when fish move shallow in the fall the baits finesse nature will enable anglers to pull fish from individual pieces of cover. Weedlines, docks, stumps, rockpiles, and bushes are all susceptible to the Shakey Shad’s fish-catching charisma.


This bait can whippin’ and keep on tickin’. The materials used to produce the Shakey Shad, as well as other soft plastics in Gambler’s lineup, are top of the line and second to none. It was no feat to catch upwards of 8-10 fish (including northern pike, sunfish, and rock bass) on a single bait. Many think that durability and a good drop shot bait are antonymous of each other. This is simply not the case with the Shakey Shad. The bait moves and acts as if partially made of jello, but holds up better than most finesse baits when put to the test.Gambler Lures Shakey Shad

Additionally, a 10 pack of baits retail on Tackle Warehouse for under $4. That is a lot of fish that can be caught on a single bag. Compared to other drop shot plastics, the Shakey Shad is a reasonably and affordably priced bait.

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