March 31, 2020
Netbait Baby Paca Craw Review
Bassin’ 360’s Mark Hanowski with a pair of chunky Baby Paca Craw largemouth.

Bass love crawfish. Simple as that. Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass, it doesn’t matter which. Minnow-style baits are great and all, but if I had my choice, I would fish a craw 9 times outta 10 over a minnow bait. Why? They trigger a lot of bites from big fish.

Many craw-style baits are created the same. In fact, many baits look like they could have been produced from the exact same mold. They sink the same, swim the same, they look the same. Introducing the Baby Paca Craw by Netbait. This craw bait isn’t a clone like others; it’s a design and action all its own.

Netbait Baby Paca Craw Review
The Baby Paca Craw goes great on a Texas-rig.


Although this 3.75″ bait is similar in size to competitor products, the Baby Paca Craw isn’t your standard, solid craw bait. On the contrary, this bait is hollow in the center. This gives the bait a different look, swimming action, and feel. The hollow body enables the bait to be much more pliable than other soft plastics, giving it a unique and lifelike swimming action, perfect for texas rigs, swing heads, and as a jig trailer.

Additionally, the hollow body of the Baby Paca Craw enables a superb hooking percentage even in thick cover. How? Instead of rigging this craw bait tex-posed style or in the middle of thick plastic, anglers are able to rig the tip of the hook in the hollow center of the bait. When a fish bites, the pliable plastic compresses easily and the hook point easily penetrates the remainder of the plastic. Although the body and butt are hollow, the head is solid to ensure the plastic doesn’t slip down the hook shank.

The hollow center of the bait also opens up the possibility of placing a rattle inside the bait. This proves especially useful dirty and dingy water situations. Simply insert the rattle from the rear opening in the bait, push the rattle to the front, and tex-pose the Baby Paca Craw. The hook keeps the rattle from sliding out and even creates a little more noise as the rattle pushes against the hook.

Netbait Baby Paca Craw Review
Netbait offers the Paca Craw series in 45 different colors.

Fine Features

Not only is this craw designed well, there are a few fine features that really put it over the top. For example, Netbait offers the Paca Craw series in 45 different colors. Yup, you read that right. 45. No matter the location, water clarity, time of year, or any number of other variables, Netbait offers a color that will suit your needs.

Many times, I find that scent is the difference maker to turn neutral bass into biters. Another fine feature of the Baby Paca Craw is the built in scent. Netbait infuses all their plastics with custom scent. This means no more spraying your plastics with messy liquids. The baits aren’t slimy out of the package, either. Your hands will stay nice and dry as you rig on your next Baby Paca Craw. This scent is especially useful for finicky smallmouth.

Finally, it’s hard to talk about any product these days without discussing value and price. When it comes to the bang-to-buck ratio, the Baby Paca Craw is a forerunner. A 9-count bag of Baby Paca Craws runs $3.49 on Tackle Warehouse. That’s about $0.39/Craw. I am a real penny-pincher and hate spending $6-$8 for a bag of 6 “top brand” plastics, especially when they only last one or two fish. With the Baby Paca Craw, you get way more than what you pay for, in my opinion.

In conclusion, the Baby Paca Craw is the must-have craw bait for bass anglers. Its design and built in features are second to none. At a minimal price point, it’s easy for anglers to stock up and not break the bank. Plus, this thing flat out catches fish. Don’t believe me? You should probably watch the video below.

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