March 31, 2020

There is nothing new about the concept of New Year resolutions. Many people theorize of new ways to reinvent themselves for the upcoming year through such avenues as fitness, travel, work, etc. However, the problem with such resolutions is not so much the generated ideas as it is the execution. So too have we made a New Year resolution, however, we are bound and determined to execute our plan without hesitation. As of 2017, Bassin’ 360 has been reinvented and repurposed.

Since I was 15 years old, I have had sponsors and supporters. It is the dream of every young, competitive angler. The ability to wear that overpriced jersey and show the world you’re a somebody through the brands you associate yourself with. Sponsorship is great. Free and discounted product, apparel and other swag, and sometimes even money are a few of the many benefits of being a sponsored angler. Your credibility (typically) increases and you seem to have more confidence in everything you do on and off the water.  What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, many things are amiss with the sponsorship scene. Many anglers do not understand what they are signing when they put their John Hancock on a sponsorship agreement. Some companies (yes, even some of the “big names”) twist the agreement at every possible turn to benefit them and leave the “sponsored” angler with a measly 15-20% discount, depending upon what type of product they sell. I realize profit margins aren’t incredibly high on many products in the fishing industry, so pro-staff operations must be lean and attentive to this fact in many cases. However, even at this level of discount, many companies are still making exorbitant amounts of money on their pro-staff’s purchases.

2017: Throwing Sponsorship Out the Window

Another disadvantage of sponsorship is the bias that comes along with it. Many anglers are extremely loyal to certain companies and their products. I don’t disagree with such loyalty, in fact, I admire it. However, when these anglers start to judge other products based solely on the fact that they are produced by a competitor is where the problem inlies. We see it everywhere in our industry. Guys put down other products, or even blatantly claim their sponsors products are THE BEST, without ever even trying the competitions creation. In fact, even I have been guilty of this from time to time in my “younger” years, and I have come to realize that isn’t right.

It is because of this bias that fishermen lack an honest, online resource. Everywhere you turn there are resources and websites producing content for companies that are paying them to be nice in their reviews, and letting them keep the product as an incentive to do so. This only gives fishermen half the story; the good. Fishing media outlets and resources are afraid of stepping on corporate toes and displaying the negatives, drawbacks, and disadvantages of products in the industry. In a day and age when everyone is offended by everything, the full truth rarely sees the light of day. It is for this reason that starting in 2017 Bassin’ 360 is throwing sponsorship out the window and removing any and all affiliations with partner companies. In our effort to be the first, truly honest fishing resource, we pledge to bring our viewers the full story; the truth. By removing our affiliations, Bassin’ 360 will be free to produce unbiased content that the angler needs and has never before truly seen.

2017: Throwing Sponsorship Out the Window
Bassin’ 360 will no longer be sporting tournament jerseys during competition and filming to ensure our unbiased intent is clear.

Starting now, in 2017, all of our content will revolve around the full truth and our opinions of products, issues, and topics of controversy. When we say “truth” we mean we will hold nothing back in regards to our opinions and the facts about a given topic. We recognize there is a time and place to be politically correct and respectful and we will honor this notion. Our viewers are more than welcome to disagree with our judgements, opinions, and perspectives, and in fact, we encourage it. Various perspectives are what make the world a unique and interesting place. All we ask is for respectful disagreement. Becoming hostile and irate makes for irrational comments and arguments, which we will not tolerate. Such comments and reactions will be moderated to keep conversations civil.

We are very excited to start this new chapter of Bassin’ 360. We genuinely believe in our newfound path and will strive to provide our viewers with the best, most honest fishing content on the web. We thank you, our fans, for sticking with us over the past few years. You are what makes this all possible. Thank you. Cheers and tight lines in 2017.

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